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Thank you for buying a ticket to the 2022 NIGHTFALL at Old Tucson. We look forward to you joining us for our 30th anniversary haunt!

Before you arrive, we want to give you information that will help set the stage for this year’s event. Things are a little different at NIGHTFALL this year, and we want to make sure you know what to expect. Please forward this information to anyone else in your party so that everyone has the chance to read it.

Welcome to NIGHTFALL:

You are about to enter a story where YOU are part of the plot. 

NIGHTFALL 2022 is an immersive haunt experience. We have taken the classic NIGHTFALL haunt and transformed it into a complete story. Everything you see and experience while you are here is part of that one story. There are mazes, stunt shows, vaudeville shows and townsfolk throughout the town—and all of it connects together into one story. The more you experience, the more connections you can find throughout the entire night. This story surrounds you on all sides—and how you experience it is entirely up to you.

You can even change the story with your actions. The world around you isn’t static—the more you interact with it, the more alive it becomes.

This Year’s Nightfall
Story: October, 1872

When you walk through the gates of Old Tucson, you will return to the height of the Old West in the late 1800’s. In front of you is the quiet town of Nightfall, located in Arizona territory. It’s a lovely little place with townsfolk that you can meet and talk with all over town. Go ahead—chat with them. Ask them questions. Learn their stories. You can interact with the townsfolk just as you would with anyone in your world. So don’t be shy. Say hello. You might be surprised what you find when you do.

You have come to Nightfall on a special night. The campaign to become Mayor of Nightfall is underway with two candidates. The first is John Olsen, the current mayor. His challenger is Jack L. Nice, a newcomer who wants to shake things up. Tonight is election night. Make sure you meet the candidates if you get a chance, and ask other townsfolk if they have opinions on who should win. You might find a secret or two about the candidates, and that’s important as the choice of who wins the election is up to you.

But there’s more happening here than just the election. While the town center is safe, darker events are circling around the town. Rumors of dangerous creatures in the silver mine. Whispers of dark magic in the cave at the edge of town. A desperate tale of a spirit roaming the desert. Even the church outside of town isn’t immune. Before tonight is done, these events will impact everyone in town. Those who wish to explore these darker, scarier points of tonight’s tale are welcome to do so. But be warned: these are not for the faint of heart.

Some Things to Note:

This year, NIGHTFALL is designed for thrill seekers of all ages. The center of town has events happening all night that are built for all audiences. You can see shows at the Grand Palace or interact with townsfolk who each have their own stories and secrets. You can go to the comedy stunt show or listen to ghost stories or enjoy time-specific music. The center of town is built for everyone to enjoy.

For those who want to be scared, seek out the 4 mazes and night walks that circle the town. You can find these listed on the map. These are the areas where things go bump in the night and where scare actors come out to play.

Now, get ready for your experience and remember:

YOU are part of the story you are about
to experience.

So have fun and enjoy NIGHTFALL!!