Held in 1990, the first annual Nightfall at Old Tucson was set in the 1800s to match the Old Tucson’s authentic old west aesthetic. For the first several years, Nightfall was themed as the home of the infamous Dr. Jebediah Hyde and his gang of maniac associates. Dr. Hyde ran the Goulliard Asylum for the Perpetually Insane, where his heinous experiments terrorized the town.  However, with the demise of Dr. Hyde and his asylum, Nightfall moved towards becoming the ultimate Halloween experience that it is today.

Now a renowned Halloween attraction, The New York Times listed Nightfall one of the top ten must-travel-to haunts in the country! Offering an ever-expanding selection of haunts, live shows, attractions and amusements to scare and entertain guests of all ages, Nightfall has become a staple of southern Arizona’s haunted attraction industry. Nightfall continues to bring unpredictable and fresh Halloween terror to its guests each year, for the past 29 years and counting!