For just a little more, add to the Nightfall experience with these
additional attractions provided by our hauntingly horrific partners.
*($) Additional Cost to General Admission

Zombie Shoot

Zombies are popping up in a dark corner of Nightfall. Join the fight to defeat them at the Zombie Shooting Gallery ($)

Strange Family

Seeing is believing . Behold the wonder and mystery of early 20th century sideshows, updated for a cynical, multicultural world. Glass chewing, sword swallowing and more! (Appearing Fridays thru Sundays only). ($)

Thrill Quest Attractions

Virtual reality motion experiences that put YOU in the action. ($)

Haunted Wagon Ride

Hop on the hay wagon for a trip through the hinterlands of Nightfall. ($)


This haunted train is full of thrills and chills as you explore the terrifying phobias, terrible true stories and urban legends that will surely haunt you in your dreams. ($)

Outlaw Zipline Zombie Hunt

Grab your guns and help fight the Zombie Apocalypse on the Outlaw Zipline at Nightfall! Take your best shot from the air on this one-of-a-kind thrill ride. Zombies will be shot and scores will be counted. Challenge your friends to a Zombie Shootout competition! It’s an experience you won’t want to miss and will never forget. ($)

Face Painting

Color your world with Meg’s Mugs, our resident professional face painter! Let her bring your spooky imagination to life in just minutes. Have you been “Mugged” today? ($)

Psychics & Tarot Card Readings

Do you dare look into the crystal balls down Nightfall’s Psychic Ally? Learn what your future holds from our array of dead-on psychics and Tarot card readers. ($)


Frightfully Funny (Suitable for all ages)
 Slightly Scary (Parental discretion advised)
 Horribly Horrific (May not be suitable for children or some sensibilities)