Haunts & Happenings


NF Town view


Opening Ceremony 

Join us in Terror Square as we kick off the evening with the gargoyles, haunt characters and a sinister new Master of Ceremonies. There is not a minute to lose!

The Toll of Madness 

Pondering the mysteries of life, death, and time travel could be quite a shock to the system! Dance through time along with your favorite classic horror monsters as they present The Toll of Madness!!!


Adios: A Nightfall Comedy   

Say “Hello” to some new friends and old, and say “Adios!” to your human existence. Thank  you for your willing participation in…the zombie apocalypse!


Eddie’s Diner   

A rundown, roadside travel-stop becomes the scene of sheer terror when three escaped, death-row convicts drop in and take over. How far will they go to get what they want and who will be spared in the carnage?



Iron Door Mine   

Venture on a perilous journey and descend if you dare, into a subterranean network of tunnels rumored to be haunted by the souls of cursed miners. Doomed to work this mine for eternity, they will stop at nothing to find their ultimate mother lode…mortality.

The 7 Deadly Sins   

Sloth, Envy, Greed, Lust, Gluttony, Pride, Wrath 


Rattlesnake Gulch   

Doom Town is there at the end of this trail. But heed you this warning, do so without fail. Stay true to the path and do not delay. For those who do not, shall not see the day.  Best experienced after dark.


The Dead Horse Saloon at Doomtown   

Legend holds that by the light of the moon dark figures take shape in the town they call Doom. From their graves they return to a place they knew well, a place which for them is ‘tween heaven and hell. Can you hear those strange voices there under the moon? The spirits have gathered at the Dead Horse Saloon.



(Ticket purchase required)


The Pumpkin King  

Kids, stop by and visit with The Pumpkin King at Toltec Mine and ask him anything you want to know about pumpkins (you’ll be surprised to learn what his favorite pie is), Halloween and life in Pumpkinland.


Halloween Night Costume Contest

Become one with Nightfall on Halloween Night. Cap off the season by joining our merry band of costumed characters. Adult and kids’ categories with cash and other valuable prizes awarded!


Other Haunted Attractions & Creepy Activities*

*Additional fee


Monster Safari Train

Go on safari and discover some of the most monstrous creatures of the dessert night. Be sure to keep arms and legs inside this spooky night train (Best experienced after dark).


Zombie Shoot

Zombies are popping up in a dark corner of Nightfall. Join the fight to defeat them at the Zombie shooting gallery.


Strange Family Circus 

Seeing is believing. Behold the wonder and mystery of early 20th century sideshows updated for a cynical, multicultural world. Glass chewing, sword swallowing and more.

(Appearing Fridays thru Sundays only.)


Thrill Quest Attractions

Virtual reality motion experiences that put YOU in the action.


Haunted Hay Ride 

Hop on the hay wagon for a trip through the hinterlands of Nightfall.