The Rules

The Rules

To keep Nightfall a safe experience for all  


  • Nightfall at Old Tucson uses metal detectors to determine if guests are in possession of prohibited items and may be subjected to search on entry or at any time.
  • Nightfall at Old Tucson reserves the right to refuse admission and/or service to any guest for any reason including those listed below.
  • Old Tucson will prosecute any person who is under the influence of an illegal substance, fighting, stealing or behaving in a lewd or lascivious manner to the full extent of the law regardless of age, gender or race.

Violation of any of the following rules may result in immediate removal from the property.

No Backpacks
No Outside Food or Beverage
No Animals
No Masks
No Gang Colors
No Spikes
No Weapons
No Chains
No Abusive Language
No Fighting

Touching of Actors, Guards,
Characters, Ghouls or Sets

No Refunds / No Rainchecks
No Re-entry (Must purchase a new ticket)

Warning: Due to the subject matter and realism of Nightfall, this event may not be, and most likely is not, appropriate for younger people, those with medical conditions or squeamish adults. Medical Conditions include but are not limited to heart conditions, digestive disorders, and most Phobias. All guests enter at their own risk.  Old Tucson takes no responsibility for guests who are offended by subject matter, verbal abuse or have bladder control issues.  No refunds will be given; no re-entry allowed.